Facility Features


Friendly Staff

Float Spa San Diego is a family run business that cares about your experience and relaxation. The owner, Mark Lesicka, is a firm believer that floatation plays a big role in relieving stress and pain. From the moment you arrive at Float Spa San Diego, you are personally greeted by Mark or one of his friendly and knowledgeable staff members. It is our mission to ensure that each and every time you float you are comfortable and receive consistently excellent service.

Top Level Float Tanks

Float Spa San Diego has three tanks for you to choose from, two Oasis tanks and one Floatarium tank. As you step into your private float tank, you immerse yourself in ten inches of water combined with 800 pounds of Epsom salt to allow anyone, regardless of size or density, to effortlessly float above the water. The water and air temperature inside of the tank is heated to 95 degrees to match the temperature of your skin. Simulating the body’s natural temperature creates an environment where you do not feel your body, allowing your mind to reach deep levels of mediation.

Showers and Accommodations

The moment you step into your personal float room you will realize that your experience at Float Spa San Diego is unlike any other spa experience on the market. Each room is equipped with a private shower, clean towels, body soap and shampoo and conditioner to freshen yourself before and after your Float Spa experience. Float Spa SD creates a calm and relaxing environment with soft music and subtle lighting which promotes tranquility before, during, and after your float session. Float Spa SD is passionate about providing its customers with the most relaxing and comfortable spa environment each and every time you visit.


Floating is an experience like no other, and Float Spa San Diego is a beautiful facility. When I left all my stress had floated away. Thank you. I'll be back." Fred S /testimonials_4.html
Released tension in my neck like no massage I've ever had! Took about 10 minutes to really give in to the experience and then... wow! Advice: bring ear plugs that you trust. Deborah S /testimonials_4.html
Oh my, the setting is clean and inviting and staff is very welcoming. The experience is my own. I floated and scanned my body for tension and allowed myself to enter a state of compete surrender. I floated with just the beat of my heart in my ears, time and space disappeared allowing a complete new vibration of being to come forward. It is worth experiencing true savasana at least once in your life the float tank can help you do that...peace. James B /testimonials_4.html
This was my first time floating. It was an other-worldy experience. Deprived of the input of most of mysenses, I felt like maybe astronauts feel during a space walk - bouncing around, sans gravity, infinite darkness all around. There was no feeling of claustrophobia. It was a very comfortable, clean feeling environment. Definitely worth doing at least once. Christina /testimonials_4.html